Russia’s Fake Ukraine “Offensive” Propaganda Exposed

Russia’s Offensive Propaganda.
Who’d have thought? It turns out the Kremlin’s been lying all along.

For the past few years, never a week has gone by without the Kremlin, Russia’s state media, its trolls and banana republics in occupied Ukraine claiming Ukraine’s about to launch a “massive offensive.” We’ve had details of which Ukrainian army units will be involved, where the attacks will take place and even maps showing exactly how these alleged offensives will progress.

Russia's propaganda

But it was all FAKE NEWS. Sept 18th 2018 – they now tell us Ukraine can’t launch any offensives. Putin’s new puppet Pushilin says ” The Ukrainian army is not ready to launch an offensive.”

Which is odd, because just a few weeks ago on Sept 4th 2018, the same so-called Donetsk People’s (DPR) told us in great detail how Ukraine was about to attack the DPR with “12,000 troops.” Amusingly, this means their “Intelligence Data” sourced from “the Ukrainian army General Staff” does not exist. We all knew that, but it’s jolly nice of them to confirm it.

Offensive 7

offensive 8

A few examples of Russia’s recent fake offensive propaganda.
In an effort to give them some semblance of credibility, Russia routinely connects them to some event or country. Below we have fake “foreign instructors” involved. Death of Russia’s puppet DPR leader  Zakharchenko. A so-called Russian expert saying Ukraine’s about to launch a “massive offensive,” because other countries want them too. And as you might have expected, the predictable offensive reported during Russia World Cup.

Offensive 4
Sept 2nd 2018.

Massive offensive
Sept 2nd 2018. Complete for some reason with a winter scene?

Fake news 3
Sept 10th 2018.

Fake offensive
Russia’s World Cup.

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