The bloody war in eastern Ukraine grinds on. Over the last 24hrs, two mothers sons were killed and another wounded by Russia’s forces in Ukraine. They launched several heavy mortar attacks on Ukrainian positions. Also used fire from armoured fighting vehicles. Ukrainian military report.

As I’ve often said, with a static front line for several years, it’s extremely easy to target bunkers and positions along the front line. Hence, if Russia fires enough mortars shells, or grenade launchers, they’ll eventually kill someone.

Video on Russia attacks on the village of Zolote, in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province).

Latest weekly front line report – Sept 10th – 16th.
Russia-led units killed 2 Ukrainian soldiers & wounded 6.
Launched a total of 215 firing attacks, including growing use of heavy weapons.
Far from good news for long suffering civilians living along the front line, the number of their attacks is reported as increasing.
Read English text and watch English spoken video on this weekly report.

Sept 17th 2018 Situation Map. Explosions indicate where Russia’s forces launched their firing attacks. As you can see, they’re spread over both occupied Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts (provinces).

Red line marks the 409km of Ukraine’s eastern border which Russia since Sept 2014 has had total control over.

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