As of 7am this morning, over the last 24hrs, 3 Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded. Russia’s forces launched 35 firing attacks, 13 of which used heavy weapons. It’s this use of mortars and heavy weapons which result in casualties of soldiers and civilians.

OSCE report from Sept 21st details a Russian tank seen in front line occupied village of Pikuzy. Near the Ukrainian held city of Mariupol, tank fires on Ukrainian positions and Ukrainian forces return fire – end result civilian homes get damaged and civilians killed and injured. No Russian tanks = no deaths = no damage.

Note Russia’s Stalinist control over Ukrainian schools. Teachers tell the OSCE to talk to the military not them. Sad to see children used as nothing more than Putin’s political pawns.



Commemorating Sept 21st International Day of Peace, a giant mural has been painted in the city of Mariupol. Dedicated to Milana aged six. In 2015 when Russia’s forces shelled the city her mother died while covering Milana with her body. Milana was saved but lost a leg.

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.