With so many snippets of news on Ukraine, Russia’s occupation and wider related issues, instead of several smaller posts, I thought I’d start posting a daily round up of current news. This way you can scroll down and check out what catches your eye.
I’ll still post any detailed military related posts separately.

Front Line News.
As of 7am this morning, last 24hrs, 5 Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded. Russia-led forces launched 24 firing attacks. I’ve just checked, and as of 6pm tonight, no further losses or injuries reported. However, it’s when darkness falls that most of the firing begins.

Complied from the daily military reports, this Ukraine Crisis graphic details Ukrainian military casualties over the last 2 weeks. 4 soldiers killed and 15 wounded. Russia-led forces launched 388 firing attacks.

Latest OSCE Report.
Sept 3 – 16th: Ceasefire violations up 30% with a total of 10,000+. OSCE spot another Russian army convoy crossing border. Thus far in 2018, there’s been a known total of 182 civilian causalities, inc 34 killed. Russia-led forces continue to stop OSCE accessing areas. They restricted OSCE access 47 times, majority in Ukraine’s southern region and general border region. Ukrainian forces restricted access 3 times.

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Life on the Front line.
Ukrainian soldiers talk about how they defend their positions.

US Support.
Yesterday at the UN, Deputy US Secretary of State John J. Sullivan said – US does not and will never recognize Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea. Reaffirmed strong U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Website link. 

US statement

Humanitarian News.
The Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross are helping people prepare for the upcoming winter. 82-year old Kateryna from the front line village of Pavlopyl received fuel in the form of bags of briquettes for heating her house. And to help with food, she also got two chickens.

Now living all alone and with repairs needing to be carried out to her house, this aid will go some way towards alleviating her daily burden of living in a war zone. We wish her well. You can watch the film of Kateryna on the ICRC Twitter page.

Lady on front line.

Lady on front line 2

Lady on front line 1

Sept 23rd, two Ukrainian Naval vessels passed through Russia’s illegal Kerch bridge to Crimea. Since the bridge opened, Russia’s been harassing and delaying merchant ships, notably Ukrainian ones entering the Sea of Azov from the Black Sea. As part of a strengthening of its navy in the region, Ukraine send the Donbas – a military search and rescue ship & the tug – Korets.

Predictably, Russia harassed and tried to provoke the crews of the two vessels. Like angry wasps, numerous armed coastal boats with Special Forces soldiers manning the boats guns zipped around. Russian military planes are even reported as having flown over head. Despite Russia’s child like antics, the two vessels docked in at port in Mariupol. Having lost its Naval port in Crimea, it’s thought Ukraine is to build a new naval port at Berdyansk.

Navy 2
Navy 1

Sea of Azov

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