Having already posted on how Russia supplies its forces in Ukraine by rail, here’s a look at how the Kremlin supplies its forces by road. For this we focus on the military supply depot, close to the Ukrainian border at Russkoye.

My short video giving you the basic facts about the Russkoye depot.

1 – Location – In Russia’s Rostov province bordering eastern Ukraine.
2 – 15km from Russia controlled Ukrainian border crossing at Marynivka.
3 – 13km from previously blocked and disused Ukrainian border crossing at Manych.
4 – Started to be built at the height of Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine in Aug 2014.
5 – Replaced a smaller depot built in July 2014 at nearby Olkhovskiy village.
6 – Aug & Sept 2018, the OSCE filmed Russian army convoys exiting and entering Ukraine via the remote Manych crossing.
7 – OSCE YouTube video footage of Russian convoys at Manych on Aug 7th 2018 & my video adding more detail.
8 – OSCE Sept 6th report on another Russian convoy crossing at Manych.
9 – Satellite images and Russian soldiers photos from 2015, show the depot holds hundreds of thousands, if not millions of crates of military supplies.
10 – Coordinates for Google Earth –  47 45 3.66N  38 57 58.00E

Map 4
Main locations.

Map 1
Russia has full control over 409km of Ukraine’s eastern border. Russkoye depot is strategically placed in the centre of the captured border. This means it can can supply Russia’s occupation forces in both Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

3D 1
Depot seen on the right, with Russkoye village on the left. Depot is hidden from view behind a range of hills. Road blocks guard the main road entrance and several new vehicle tracks used by the Russian army.

3D 2
April 2018. Sits below a range of hills which hide it from most passing, prying eyes.
But not prying eyes from space.

3D 3
April 2018 – Top middle in the trees are the barracks and probable command centre. These buildings replaced an earlier tented camp. Over on the right are the vehicle parks and taking up the bulk of the depot is the double fenced off area with the numerous stacks of military supplies.

Closer look at the crates of military supplies which include ammunition. This storage area is equivalent in size to 6 football pitches.

Russian Soldiers Photos.
Below are some Russian soldiers pictures of the depot. Taken in 2015, they give us a close-up insight into the sheer logistical, not to mention financial effort which went into the establishment of the depot. We can clearly see the stacks of supplies and soldiers loading/unloading military trucks. With Russia’s forces advancing deep into Ukraine, 2015 saw some of the heaviest fighting in the country. This is reflected in the numbers of transport trucks and activity seen in the photos.

For info on the photos and soldiers, please visit the Inform Napalm website.

Russkoye 2

Russkoye 4

Russkoye 5

Russkoye 1





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