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Can I first say a thank you to everyone who supports my blog, Contrary to some assumptions, it’s just little me doing everything. Constantly researching, analyzing images, making videos, checking Russia’s propaganda, checking Russia’s forces in Ukraine, checking websites, posting here and on Twitter, makes for a rather rushed full day. So with that in mind, please except my apologies if my writing is a tad erratic at times. I’m the Russian equivalent of a GRU officer sent to Salisbury. I know what I should do, but I sometimes get it wrong.

On with the news.

Front Line.
looks like Russia’s forces have woken up. Last few days had seen a reduction in their firing, but now they’re back up to average figures. Over last 24hrs, they launched 34 attacks, wounding 4 Ukrainian soldiers. It’s simply a numbers game. The more bullets and shells fired, the more soldiers and civilians get killed and wounded.

Below picture is of Oleh Primin. Killed Sept 26th near village of Troitske in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province). The Luhansk front line used to be far quieter than next door Donetsk. Unfortunately the area now suffers daily firing from Russia’s forces.


UN Peace Keeping Force Deployment.
Russia’s still stonewalling.
Yesterday foreign minister Lavrov said Russia agrees with a deployment of UN Peacekeepers in eastern Ukraine. Well that all sounds fine and dandy. Well, not really. Ukraine, US, Germany and France want a gradual full UN deployment across the whole of occupied Ukraine, including along the eastern border currently controlled by Russia. UN Peacekeepers would guarantee security, thereby allowing elections to take place. Then after a period of stability, the UN would hand control of these areas back to Ukraine.

Naturally the Kremlin does not want a full UN deployment and certainly doesn’t want Peacekeepers stationed along the Ukrainian border. Russia’s only able to sustain its occupation by sending troops and supplies into Ukraine. Loose the border and it looses control of eastern Ukraine.

What Russia wants is a limited UN role. It’s proposal is for OSCE monitors operating in occupied Ukraine to be accompanied by UN guards. This would reduce any UN mission to nothing more than bodyguards in blue hats. As they do now, Russia’s forces in Ukraine could still refuse OSCE patrols access to areas within occupied Ukraine including the border, and there would be nothing any UN guards could do to stop that.

Russia’s also hinted at a UN deployment along the front line. Again this would not impact on Russia’s occupation, and would in effect strengthen it.

This is Zvezda, Russia’s Military news agency. Apparently the go-to place for finding women?

The Azov Sea.
Ukrainian military footage of two of its naval ships negotiating Russia’s illegal Kerch bridge to occupied Crimea. Filmed Sept 19th, the two vessels were harassed and provoked all the way by Russian gunboats and helicopters. Convoy comprised the Donbass, a search and rescue ship and the tug Korets.

Crimea 2
Korets is seen under the bridge, with the filming seen here from the Donbass. This image gives you a real sense of how Russia’s able to control shipping entering the Sea of Azov. To negotiate such a small gap under the bridge, larger vessels must slow down to crawling pace. This means Russian military can easily harass and intercept them.

Ukrainian military video of the event.

Crimea 3
Filmed from the tug boat Korets, the Donbass, bridge and Crimea is seen behind.

Crimea 1
Two of the Russian gunboats. Occupied Crimea shoreline behind them.

Crimea 4
Close-up of one of the Russian armoured gunboats.

Kerch Bridge 1

Kerch Bridge 2
Area ships must pass through. Crimea is on the left.

Russia’s Idiotic Propaganda.
Here we have an another good example one of Russia’s useful idiots spreading fake news. He’s claiming the 205,616 ceasefire violation and all civilian casualties recorded by the OSCE are caused by Ukraine’s forces.

As you can read in the daily OSCE reports¬†and the tweet and fortnightly report below, the totals refer to military firing and civilian casualties from both sides of the line. The Kremlin’s on-going propaganda claims it’s only Ukrainian forces who fire and that they deliberately target civilians. Hence this type of eye catching image of a blood stained president Poroshenko and bombs raining down.

To back up Russia’s propaganda, Ukrainian forces report much of Russia’s firing is done in an effort to provoke Ukrainian return fire.

fake news 1

fake news 5




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