Some news from over the weekend.

Front Line Update.
We kick off with some very sad news indeed. In Russia occupied territory of Horlivka, three young boys were killed, with another seriously wounded. On Saturday Sept 29th, it was reported they’d tripped an anti-personnel mine near a Russia-led checkpoint.

Today’s OSCE daily report confirms the report. Puts the ages of boys killed as 12, 13 and 14. Injured boy is aged 10.

Due to Russia’s occupation, eastern Ukraine is now one of the most mined regions in the world. Front line roads and fields are mined and tracks are routinely booby trapped with improvised explosive devices and anti-personnel mines. It’s very likely the boys were walking along such a track when they set off the mine.

Below pictures are taken from a graphic video filmed by Russia-led soldiers. Located in the Donetsk Oblast (province) Horlivka is a town right on the front line. Because of this, it’s heavily defended by Russia’s forces. This tragedy is a salient reminder that in war zones, children can no longer be children. The simple matter of staying in or going outside to play, is often a choice between life and death.

Children 2

Children 1

Map 1

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Death of Alexander Zakharchenko.
August 31st 2018, Russia’s puppet leader of the so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) – Alexander Zakharchenko was killed by a bomb. Until yesterday there had only been footage of the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Now only adding to the widely held belief that Russia had him bumped off, yesterday a whole month after his death, Russia’s flag ship state media – Russia-1 published the below footage of the explosion.

Filmed in occupied city of Donetsk, we see Zakharchenko arriving with his now familiar large bodyguard contingent. One of the guards is seen entering the “Separ” (separatist) cafe. Closely followed by Zakharchenko and some of his group, (seen from the outside) the bomb then explodes. Below video is from Ukrainian military channel who have published the main footage from the Russia-1 video.

Laughably, Russia-1 and the DPR say a man linked to Ukraine’s military intelligence killed Zakharchenko. The rather major flaw in this utterly ridiculous claim being Olexandr Pogorelov, the man they claimed to have captured after the assassination, actually went missing in occupied Ukraine back in Nov 2017.

Pic 2
Olexandr is listed as missing in this Ukrainian human rights report.
Seen below in an obviously staged confession video, Olexandr is blatantly reading from a script. His gaze fixed on the text, not the camera whilst speaking. No doubt due to the well-publicised appalling conditions in prisons in occupied Ukraine, there’s been an visible unhealthy change in Olexandr’s appearance. We must assume he’s been forced into making this fake confession.


Olexandr before his imprisonment.

And talking of evidence of a Kremlin hit, two senior people linked to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine have confirmed the authenticity of a tape. Published by Ukrainian security services, the audio tape features an assistant of the now acting head of the DPR – Denis Pushilin. Taped in June of this year in Turkey, the assistant is heard talking to two unknown people about a Coup d’état. He states “the problem of Zakharchenko” will be finally resolved.

The tape.

The two senior people are – Former commander of military forces in the DPR, Igor Strelkov. He confirmed the tape is genuine via his VKontakte social media account. The other is the former separatist commander of the DPR – Alexander Khodakovsky. Read more of his acceptance the tape is genuine via UAWire website article.

I’ve added these screen grabs of Strelkov’s post.

Strelkov 1

Strelkov 2

So there we have it. With faked and coerced confessions, tape recordings of DPR people discussing resolving the Zakharchenko problem, along with Russian state media leading the news about all things Zakharchenko, it’s fairly safe to say Putin got tired of his latest DPR gangster.


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