Latest weekly English update from Ukraine’s military.
Sept 21st – morning of Oct 1st – Russia’s forces launched 217 firing attacks, leading to the wounding of 14 Ukrainian soldiers. As the situation map shows, the Luhansk Oblast (province), now sees routine widespread firing attacks. Other regular hot spots are Ukrainian territory around the occupied city of Donetsk and down on the south coast and the Ukraine held city of Mariupol.

Over the last few weeks the use of heavy artillery and mortar fire is much reduced. With Russia’s propaganda all about Ukraine’s military deliberately targeting civilians, reports from the front line indicate much of Russia’s firing is carried out in the hope of prompting a Ukrainian response. To counter this and limit firing on the front line, Ukraine’s forces are ordered where possible to ignore lighter provocative firing. Understandably they can react to heavy Russian shelling and try to eliminate artillery, mortars etc. It’s this tit for tat firing which usually results in civilian casualties and damage to property.


Written by Glasnost Gone

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