A few snippets of news from over the last few days.

Front Line Update.
As of 7am this morning, things had been quieter. Russia’s forces only launched 21 firing attacks, with no Ukrainian military casualties. From 7am – 6pm – they launched a further 9 firing attacks, inc 3 with heavy weapons. Again no Ukrainian losses reported.
I access the above info from the Ukrainian military face book page.

Russia Laser Blinding Warfare.
It’s again been reported Russia’s forces are still using some form of laser equipment. Oct 1st at an observation point near Maryinka, a Ukrainian soldier saw a bright flash of yellow light from the enemy entrenchments and then felt the sharp pain in his eyes. At the time, the soldier was observing Russia-led positions with binoculars. He’s reported as having lost 80% of his vision in his right eye. More on this via Kyiv Post website. 

Life on the front line.
Good short video insight into Ukrainian soldiers on the front line. With less heavy shelling, they can look to improving their positions and preparing for yet another typically harsh Ukrainian winter.

Russia’s Azov Sea Antics.

Some more detail on Ukraine’s military build up on its southern coast line. The 2014 invasion saw Russia capturing approx 30km of Ukraine’s southern coast. Since then there’s been understandable anxiety Russia may launch an amphibious attack on Ukrainian positions around the city of Mariupol. This concern has been compounded by the opening of Russia’s bridge of Crimea. With Russian naval boats now increasingly harassing and delaying merchant ships, the Kremlin’s effectively claiming the Sea of Azov as Russian territorial waters.

In the below video, Ukraine’s military commander in chief talks about Ukraine’s strengthening of military forces on the Sea of Azov.

Russia’s Propaganda.

A few current examples of Russia’s social media propaganda. @MarcelSardo is a known Russia propagandists, one who has featured in several world media stories about spreading disinformation. On Twitter he uses 4 fake accounts to spread his blog propaganda. The accounts are automated, meaning he tweets something and then these 4 automatically tweet the same thing as him. Hence they are all identical and posted at the same time, one after the other.

All the fake accounts have been reported as fake, but Twitter have done nothing to suspend them or @MarcelSardo.

Propaganda troll 1
Meanwhile back with – Seeking The Truth.
This week Russia’s forces in occupied Luhansk region of Ukraine have been banging on about having shot down lots of Ukrainian UAV’s (drones). The line they are pushing is many of them are from the US, which they call “unofficial supplies.” The Kremlin’s yawn, yawn propaganda has Ukraine and its military controlled by NATO, US, UK, EU, Bugs Bunny, Miss Piggy etc… who supply weapons to the Ukrainian military in secret.

However, the one fatal flaw in their argument is Google image search. The picture used as an example of a UAV Russia’s forces have recently shot down is from July 2015. Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov posted it on Face Book when he spoke about Ukraine having acquired some UAV’s from foreign sources.

So all in all, better if Russia’s propaganda prats don’t claim to have any “intelligence.”

Fake news 3

fake news 4


Fake news 1
One of the articles from the Google image search seen below.

Fake news 2

Russia’s Salisbury Assassins.
Over the last few days there’s been a flood of evidence confirming Anatoliy Chepiga is indeed a highly decorated colonel working for Russia’s military intelligence. Despite the Kremlin’s on-going denials, today’s latest news would seem to shut down any further speculation.

In a far-eastern Russian Military Academy, there a photographic display of those Russians who have been awarded the – Hero of the Russian Federation medal. And no prizes for guessing there’s a picture of Chepiga. This only goes to show how dictators can order people not to talk, or hide them from the public’s gaze, but once a picture is posted on the internet, they can’t stop someone somewhere from finding it.

For more info on this photos, please visit the Bellingcat website. 







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