Quick update on events from the front line.

From Oct 1st – 7th – Russia’s forces in Ukraine killed 1 Ukrainian soldier and wounded a further 9. Launched a total of 167 firing attacks, including use of heavy artillery and mortars. Each firing attack can include sustained periods of firing from artillery, mortars or lighter arms. This now routine expenditure of ammunition is designed to provoke a response from Ukrainian forces. The Kremlin needs to claim Ukraine’s the aggressor. The one who is always breaking the latest ceasefire. It also needs to give its 40,000 soldiers in eastern Ukraine something to do.

You can watch the below English video report, or read the text from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website. 

Situation report for this morning. Last 24hrs, Russia’s forces launched 28 firing attacks. Thankfully, no losses were reported among Ukraine’s military.

Written by Glasnost Gone

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