Good to be back.
This is the first of my style of video and I hope you like it. This one covers the basic facts and ever increasing stats behind Russia’s 4 year occupation of eastern Ukraine. Most would agree it’s a forgotten war. A war which the world should notice. A war which the world should see.

Later in the week I’ll be posting videos covering Russia’s total control of 409km of the Ukrainian border and taking a tip into the Kremlin’s comical social media propaganda.

Can I ask should you share any of my videos, please add a link back to my blog here, or my Twitter account & YouTube channel. As I’m a one-man British band, it’s visible signs of support which drive me on. Talking of support (nice link), only your Donations will enable me to continue campaigning.

Reports and media interview sources.
UN Aug 2018 report for details of numbers of killed and wounded.
Ukrainian President Poroshenko on Russian forces numbers in Ukraine.
Kurt Volker – US Special Representative to Ukraine: On Russia’s forces in Ukraine & how majority are contracted soldiers.
Other civilian stats come from UN and Red Cross humanitarian agencies.
Russia’s Ministry of Defence website for their contract service soldiers.

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.