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Today we’ve got – News from the front line, video views, how Russia’s paying everyone’s wages in occupied Ukraine and the latest joke Russian propaganda. Regarding future posting here, from tomorrow, I’m going to make a valiant effort to post stuff early most mornings (providing I’ve got enough coffee).

On the front line.
Russia’s forces are gradually increasing their use of heavy weapons, with the result being ever more casualties. Last 24hrs, a further 4 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed with three others wounded. As I’ve said all too often, these firing attacks are designed merely to prompt a response from Ukrainian forces.

Posted Oct 10th, the video below covers Ukrainian soldiers defending positions near the village of Popasna. In the Luhansk Oblast (province) the soldiers talk about the recent upsurge in Russian shelling.

My new style videos.
Happy to see people liked the first of my new style of videos. It’s reached well over 3,000 views on YouTube and 2,500+ on Twitter. The second video on Russian army columns entering and exiting Ukraine is edging towards 2,000 views on Twitter. Watch this video here.

So many thanks for all those who helped promote the videos. To make it easier for people visiting this blog to view them, I’ll add a Video category. My YouTube Channel. 

Video 3

Video 4

Russia’s paying the wages of people in occupied Ukraine.

Now it’s always nice to have it confirmed the only reason the so-called Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) republics exist is due to Russia’s financial support. Even better when a senior Putin aid effectively admits it.

Oct 10th via Russian state media, Denis Pushilin, the acting “head” of the DPR spoke about his meeting with Vladislav Yuryevic Surkov. Putin appointed Surkov as his man to deal with issues and negotiations related to occupied Ukraine.

Pushilin claims Surkov said, “in the near future, a number of decisions of a humanitarian nature will be adopted, which will significantly increase wages for a number of population groups.”

It’s a revealing sentence, one which hints at growing dissatisfaction within the occupied territories and a need to retain personnel. With Russia already paying the monthly wages of 30-40,000 contracted soldiers and presumably most salaries of the thousands of medical, hospital, fire, police and civil administration staff, not to mention funding the 4-year long conflict, Russian taxpayers might not be too impressed Russia’s preparing to throw more good money after bad.

Below screen shots from the Tass News Agency.

Russia wages 1

Russia wages 2


Russia’s Propaganda
Another example of the Kremlin’s propaganda. Fort Russ News from Serbia is, as usual, trying to portray Ukraine’s army as some ragtag bunch of bandit desperados. And as usual, they haven’t published one piece of genuine evidence, be it from social media posts or media reports to back up their claim. The ridiculous claim of a demoralized starving Ukrainian army engaged in widespread looting is their latest fake news fantasy. This fakery is borne out by the publishing of a cropped winter pic from 2015 showing a Ukrainian soldier.

Propaganda 1
Fort Russ News web-page.

Fake news
2015 web-page showing original image.


Propaganda 2
Fort Russ News tweet.

Fake news 1
My Google Search revealing the image.

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