Imagery: Russian Army Convoys Cross Ukraine’s Border

It’s getting hard to keep up.
With yet another report from the OSCE on the weekend, this is my updated post on Russian army supply convoys filmed entering and exiting Ukraine.

There’s now 4 reports on convoys in just 3 months. All crossed the border at the same remote and disused border crossing close the village of Manych. The reason they are crossing here is due to Russia having built a vast military supply depot at the nearby village of Russkoye. With the Russkoye supply depot built in 2014, it’s not hard to imagine the tens of thousands of times Russia’s military convoys must have crossed in and out of Ukraine whilst visiting it. Depot is just 12km from Manych crossing.

Map 2
In Ukraine, Manych village is seen on the left, with the Russkoye supply depot in the yellow box on the right. Yellow line marks the Ukrainian/Russian border.

2018 Dates Russian convoys filmed so far.
Aug 7th, Sept 4th, Oct 10th and Oct 11th – 12th.
Russia will no doubt now do everything it can to bring down any OSCE UAVs, so we may not get too many more reports. They are also bound to use another crossing point.

My video posted today on Oct 15th. Covers all 4 occasions the OSCE has filmed convoys crossing the Ukrainian border. Please support this important video.

OSCE latest border report.
OSCE report on Oct 11th – 12th.

OSCE border
OSCE report on Oct 10th.

Links to OSCE Reports.
Oct 11th – 12th report.
OSCE Oct 10th report.
OSCE Sept 4th report.
OSCE Aug 7th YouTube video on convoys crossing border.
My YouTube video giving background info on convoys.

screen shot 1
Aug 7th screen image from OSCE UAV footage.

OSCE image detailing Russian vehicles filmed on Oct 10th.

OSCE image detailing Russian vehicles filmed on Oct 10th.

Note the report and images from Oct 10th detail a truck-mounted ZU-33-2 anti-aircraft gun. They were no doubt hoping to shoot down any OSCE UAVs. The OSCE also report attempts at bringing the UAV down by jamming the signal. Also worth noting is the number of SUV (4×4 sport utility vehicles) accompanying the convoys. This is likely to indicate the presence of Russian Special Forces.

Reference picture of truck-mounted ZU-33-2 anti-aircraft gun.

My earlier video on the convoys.

All the convoys and vehicles use the dirt track road near the Ukrainian village of Manych. This now well-used track leads to the Russian border. It’s an old and previously disused border crossing which the Russian army simply unblocked when they invaded eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Map 1Google Earth image showing the village of Manych in Ukraine & Svobodnyy in Russia. Yellow box is where the convoys cross the border.

Map 6
April 27th 2018 – Russkoye military supply depot.

My recent video on Russkoye depot.

Map 20

Google Earth image showing the wider area. Manych is in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast (province). Since Sept 2014 Russia’s had total control over 409km of Ukraine’s eastern border. This was captured in 2014 when Russia’s forces invaded. Inside Ukraine, Russia’s established two large military bases at the border towns of Torez and Krasnyi Luch.

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