Russian Army Convoys Filmed Crossing into Ukraine

Hello everyone.
Just posted this new video on YouTube. It details the now 4 times the OSCE has filmed what are clearly Russian army convoys seen exiting and entering Ukraine. Dates convoys seen so far in 2018 are – Aug 7th, Sept 4th, Oct 10th and Oct 11 – 12th.

I’ve just updated by earlier blog post on the convoys and where they are crossing, so check that out for more info and images. Over on my YouTube channel, I have added the links to OSCE video and reports in the the below videos description. Also a link to my recent video on the giant Russian army supply depot at Russkoye, which these Russian convoys are visiting.

Please, please support this video. Need new subscribers to my channel, likes, shares and comments. Sad to see Russia’s propagandists channels with more subs, likes and comments than those like mine reporting the truth. Having said that, most of their subs are fake accounts, as are many of the comments posted by Russia’s army of YouTube trolls.

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