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Video news.
Thank you for the fantastic response here to my latest video (watch). Yesterday I tweeted the video three times, resulting in over 15,000 views. As you can see below, it’s now also available to watch on YouTube. The idea behind it and other videos coming soon, is to try and reawaken interest in this forgotten conflict.

With that optimistic aim in mind, PLEASE help share the video and subscribe, comment and like my YouTube videos. Unlike Russia’s propagandists who have an army of fake troll accounts to view and comment, I rely on real people to make a difference. If we don’t show something is news worthy, then we can’t complain when no one notices it.

Front Line News.

During the last couple of days it has been quieter. Previous 24hrs, Ukrainian military report Russia’s forces only launched 12 firing attacks, this resulting in no casualties. Yesterday, Russia’s puppet republics reported the loss of 4 soldiers. With the OSCE routinely reporting medical staff in occupied Ukraine refuse to inform them about civilian and military casualties, it’s never easy to determine whether reported losses are fake news propaganda or real. One thing we do know, is Ukrainian military do attempt to suppress heavy firing by Russia’s forces. So, it’s very likely occupation troops incur casualties on a daily basis.

Oct 19th, the OSCE reported one of their UAV filmed the bodies of a man and lady. Said to be husband and wife, they were killed by a mine explosion whilst crossing the front line. Bodies reported as lying close to Ukrainian lines, making their recovery difficult due to possible Russian fire and the presence of mines. This is yet another stark reminder that eastern Ukraine has become one of the most mined contaminated areas in the world.

Situation map for morning of Oct 22nd. 
As you can see, Russia’s forces are keeping up their spread of attacks along the 457km front line. Main hot spots being Ukrainian held territory around occupied city of Donetsk and down on the south coast at Mariupol. Attacks in the Luhansk Oblast (province) have increased over recent months.


Do U live in a European country?

How many of your countries soldiers have been killed & wounded in the last 2 weeks?

In the European country of Ukraine, 8 soldiers have been killed & 26 wounded.

They were killed & wounded by Russia’s forces occupying eastern Ukraine.
Last two weeks stats via Ukraine Crisis media center.
These are figures supplied by the Ukrainian military.
Oct 8th – 21st: Russia’s forces launched 346 firing attacks resulting in 8 Ukrainian military deaths and 26 wounded.

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