Same Old Russian Propaganda against Ukraine’s Army

Like the seasons, Russia’s propaganda is somewhat predictable.
One is bound to suggest this either reveals the limited intelligence of those producing it, or their total lack of imagination (probably both). The below two examples are the staple monthly propaganda diet coming out of occupied Ukraine.

Designed to imply the Ukrainian army is under-resourced and spends all its time firing into the occupied regions, references to snipers is always on the propaganda menu. This accusation is given weight by the repeated false claims of snipers from foreign countries arriving in Ukraine.

This time, yesterday’s news was all about snipers from Lithuania. Back in August, they went for a Middle Eastern link, with details of 50 Arabic speaking snipers. Equally predictably they keep trying to give credibility to these ludicrous claims by referencing specific information. So we’ll get languages spoken, baggage carried, locations of snipers and Ukrainian military units they have joined.

Despite this wealth of detail and an endless stream of alleged military intelligence, what we never get is any genuine evidence. Instead, we get unrelated eye-catching pictures, referencing an event several years ago. In this case, the picture is from 2016 and linked to an article about Ukrainian snipers talking about combating Russian snipers.

Once again we have the ultimate scaremongering about the Ukrainian army.
The thin gruel of evidence used to predict “FULL-SCALE WAR” is invariably either an out of context reference by someone in Ukraine, or Russia’s puppet republics and so-called Russian experts boldly predicting an offensive. Russia’s propaganda then duly puts fingers to keyboards and once again shouts about the horror Ukraine’s readying to unleash. Naturally, this latest recycled horror story will never materialize, whereas Russia’s recycled propaganda definitely will.

snipers 2
Oct 25th – Lithuanian Snipers.

snipers 1
Same picture used by Russia’s propaganda back in 2016.

Original 2016 picture.

snipers 3
My Google image search showing 2016 references.
fake news
The August reference to Arabic snipers.

Below is the latest “Ukraine threatens full-scale war” rubbish.
Picture is from 2015.


Russia's joke propaganda



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