Russia’s Repeating Propaganda: Fake Ukrainian Offensives

It’s safe to say Russia’s propaganda against Ukraine is somewhat repetitive. 2018 has seen a conveyor belt of fake news, with the repeated invention of false Ukrainian offensives taking top slot.

The propaganda push goes like this –
1: In Ukraine Russia’s sham Donetsk (DPR) & Luhansk (LPR) People’s Republic’s report on yet another invented Ukrainian offensive. These get posted on their websites & YouTube.
2: Russia’s useful idiots (propagandists), social media trolls & media groups then promote the news.
3: Russian state media, embassies, and Kremlin officials report the news.
4: Russia’s useful idiots, social media trolls, etc then promote the Russian media reports and any Kremlin news.
5: This style of disinformation is usually linked to stuff happening in Ukraine, notably on the political front, or significant events in Russia such as the 2017 World cup.
6: To give the faked reports creditably, the DPR & LPR always give out a long list of precise detail. Information routinely mentions which Ukrainian units will be involved and how they will attack. To help with the optics, they also include campaign maps which they laughably keep claiming to have captured from Ukraine’s military high command. Something else they always use is old and entirely unrelated pictures or video footage.

Suffice to say, Ukraine has never launched any of these “Massive, Blitzkrieg Armageddon” offensives.

Some Classic 2018 Examples.

A 1 Might
Dec 24/25th. Love the “might begin.”
This offensive was meant to be carried out by 20,000 Ukrainian troops.

A 1 Might 2
Dec 14th: Only 12,000 nonexistent soldiers involved this time.

attack 1
Video related to the Dec 14th Offensive.
Note the DPR claimed to have “INCONTESTABLE EVIDENCE” of an impending attack launched from the Ukrainian held city of Mariupol. Watch the video.

BentleyRussell Bentley: One of Russia’s low-grade propagandists in occupied eastern Ukraine. Earning his Rubles on Face Book, he went into tabloid headline mode to describe the Dec 14th offensive. “This is ARMAGEDDON. This is how world wars start.”

Phillips video 1
Whilst illegally in occupied eastern Ukraine, Russia’s useful idiot Graham Phillips was also busy promoting the Dec 14th fakery on his YouTube channel. #UKGrahamPhillips

DmSBp7qXgAEi28MSept 4th: This is the exact same offensive Russia claimed Ukraine would launch in Dec 14th. Same number of men, location and supposed objectives.

Russian state media pushing the Sept offensive.

Die1nOUX0AIhszCJuly 19th: Putin reporting “serious (but unspecified) risks of aggravation.”

Feb 2018 offensive 1 And lastly, Feb 5th: Ukraine “preparing blitzkrieg.”  












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