Russia’s Useful Idiot Reveals Russia’s Forces Positions

Now, it wont come as any surprise to learn that Russia’s useful idiots in occupied eastern Ukraine are somewhat lacking in the brain department. You know the type – the Russian lights are on but nobodies home. Well supreme narcissist Russell Bentley is in a dimwitted league of his own. A former convicted US drug dealer, he scratches a living in eastern Ukraine by pushing Russia’s propaganda and scamming people for money via fake appeals to help children. Known to be an aggressive man who likes a drink, the header pic indicates he’s also become excessively fond of eating.

Like his fellow US propagandist Patrick Lancaster, Bentley’s started filming on the front line. This is designed to generate a little excitement, thereby helping increase viewing figures for his YouTube videos. Dec 27th saw Bentley in the village of Kominternove, also known as Pikuzy. In the Donetsk Oblast (province), the village marks the front line for Russia’s forces on Ukraine’s southern coast. Literally on the other side of a field, Ukrainian positions defending the nearby city of Mariupol are just a few hundred meters away. As my below video shows, once inside the village Bentley promptly revealed the location of the covered entrance into the trench leading to the front line bunkers. Not content with this, he also films the electric cable and the bunkers underground layout. So all in all, not a bad days work.

Bentley’s original video is the usual Russian propaganda nonsense. The viewer is supposed to believe that a handful of soldiers inc an old man are somehow holding back the entire Ukrainian army. This myth is duly shattered by the fact Russia’s forces routinely stop the OSCE from entering the village. This reluctance on their part to let independent monitors confirm any shell fire damage and assist the handful of remaining inhabitants, backs up the evidence of there being large numbers of Russia’s soldiers and hidden hardware such as tanks in the village.

Video image indicating the location of the covered entrance. The trench leads to the bunkers along the tree line on the left. Satellite location ref: 47 10 26.82 N 37 48 11.20 E

Bentley 4Kominternove location.

Russian tank seen by the OSCE in the village (see video for location). The Minsk agreement signed by both Ukraine & Russia’s so-called republics, bans the use of heavy weapons such as tanks on the front line. From inside the village, Russia’s forces keep up a regular stream of provocation fire. This senseless activity risks prompting Ukrainian return fire, which in turn risks damaging the village and causing civilian casualties.

No Russian firing = no damage or deaths.

OSCE daily report for Dec 30th 2018 – OSCE again denied access to Kominternove.
Pikuzy 1

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