European Union Flag Flown on the Front Line

Mid December 2018, the European Union flag was flown over Ukrainian front line positions. Overlooking the Azov Sea, it was raised in the now abandoned village of Shyrokyne. in 2015 the 2,000 inhabitants were forced to evacuate the entire village due to intense Russian shelling and fighting. Russia’s forces were advancing on the nearby coastal city of Mariupol and needed to capture the village. They failed to do so, and now Shyrokyne’s 700 empty and battle damaged houses mark the front line.

Good article here on Shyrokyne and the trauma inflicted on those who lived there.

To annoy Russia’s forces, Ukrainian soldiers routinely fly numerous countries flags. As seen below, this practice duly sparks some predictable Russian propaganda nonsense about NATO etc.

The Azov Sea can be seen in the far distance.

Shyrokyne 1
Area flag was flown in. As seen in the photo, the Azov Sea can be seen beyond it.

One of Russia’s useful idiots on Twitter.


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