Russia’s Western Propagandists Get Banned from Twitter

We all know social media is key to Russia’s propaganda. And as we’ve seen in the US, it’s equally vital to the Kremlin’s attempts to influence elections/events. So, it’s jolly nice to now see Twitter suspending some of Russia’s paid propagandists. People whose primary job is the encouragement of hatred towards Ukraine.

To hide their suspension stupidity, Russia’s now slightly less useful idiots drone on about how western governments must have put pressure on Twitter to ban them. Whereas the more mundane reality is, it’s just ordinary people taking the time to report their hate-filled, fake news tweets. They played Russia’s propaganda game and lost.

Header picture shows Phillips in military uniform celebrating with Russia-led soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

Graham Phillips, a former sex blogger who has a troubling liking for young girls, was suspended in Nov 2018. His continual posting of “hateful content” against Ukraine, including a recent video showing him aggressively harassing a Ukrainian ambassador in Austria, finally saw him banned. He briefly tried to use a new account, but after the reporting of it, this too was suspended.

the face of russia's propaganda
Phillips aggressively screaming at the cool, calm Ukrainian ambassador.

My video on how YouTube has recently ignored Phillips promotion of hatred. The video of him harassing the Ukrainian ambassador has now been deleted by YouTube and Phillips was forced to remove sniper cross hairs from several videos. Amazingly, YouTube has not removed the videos showing Phillips repeatedly desecrating Ukrainian graves.

blog sex 1
Prostitutes and Me – Phillips now deleted sex blog.

If you can endure it and have access to the – BBC iPlayer website, you can listen to Graham Phillips talking about his use of prostitutes. Predictably with him it was a spiritual, uplifting experience where he in no way used and abused the lady involved.
Maybe he tipped her and so Phillips thinks he didn’t take advantage of a vulnerable woman? Using his own name of Graham, Phillips voice is instantly identifiable.


From the UK, Phillips started working for Russian state media in 2014. Whilst illegally in Russian occupied Ukraine he’s been involved in some of the worst anti-Ukraine propaganda. This included as seen below, the mocking and looting of dead Ukrainian soldiers. Twitter is all the better for the loss of this typical selfie taking, Russian-backed narcissist.

graham phillips loots dead ukrainian soldier

Due to the fact he regularly travels extensively across Europe and in 2017/18 spent a whole year travelling in Russia, it’s a certainty he is still funded by the Russian state. In August 2017 Phillips suddenly announced he was to marry a young girl from Russian occupied Ukraine. No doubt using his minor celebrity status to impress her and the girls family, it’s reported she’d only just turned 17 when he announced their engagement. Claiming they would marry in Sept 2018, nothing has been heard of her since. With doubts any marriage in Russia controlled eastern Ukraine would be legal, one can only hope she’s escaped his clutches. One of Phillips previous young female assistants is known to have committed suicide.


Phillips engagement announcement, which made it into Russian media.

phillips with bentley

Phillips friend and fellow propagandist Russell Bentley has also been banned from Twitter. Seen above with Phillips in 2015, Bentley’s a convicted US drug runner, dealer and money launderer. After serving his jail time and probation in America he pitched up in Russian held Ukraine in 2014. Suspended from Twitter in 2017 for repeated “abusive behavior,” he directed much of his foul-mouthed abuse at women.

Known to be a heavy and aggressive drinker, Russia uses him for some limited propaganda. Like Phillips he’s self-obsessed, making him an ideal useful idiot for Russia.

Seen here in Dec 2018, it’s safe to say since 2015, Bentley’s gained a little weight for the motherland. I think he’s now used by Russia to hide tanks behind him.

bentley twitter

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