Destruction of Pisky Village by Russian Artillery

My short video giving you a window into the destruction of the village of Pisky. Located just outside the Russian occupied city of Donetsk and positioned at the end of the cities airport runway, the village was home sweet home to around 2,000 people.

In 2014 and early 2015, Russian forces were desperately trying to capture the airport. With the village held by Ukraine and providing a vital supply life line to Ukrainian troops holding the airport, Pisky was subjected to relentless Russian artillery fire.

This deliberate targeting of civilian homes, saw every one of the hundreds of houses and flats damaged by shell fire. Today it’s still held by Ukraine, but now only a handful of elderly residents risk life and limb by living there.

My video. Drone footage is from May 2015.

pisky map 1
Pisky is seen on the left of the airport, the long thick white lines marking the runway.

The remains of Donetsk international city airport. The city can be seen behind it.

The below drone images give us a close-up of the remains of Pisky. Ukrainian trenches can be seen zigzagging between the shattered houses and gardens.



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