Front Line News & Russia’s Predictable Propaganda

Last 48 hours, Russia’s forces have kept their firing attacks to 5 each day. No heavy weapons used, but still firing off grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Over last 24 hours, 1 Ukrainian soldier has been reported wounded. Header pic shows Ukrainian soldiers holding the Christmas front line.

Meanwhile, Russia’s tired propaganda is still churning out stuff in their now almost 5 year attempt to demonize the Ukrainian army. As seen below, recently we have had – Ukrainian army commander thanking soldiers for shelling civilian areas, and more Russian rubbish about rape and looting.

As ever, there’s not one scrap of evidence presented to prove this. No link to a news article, no video footage, no sound recording, NO nothing. What we have is the usual Kremlin disinformation tactic of Russian and pro-Russian blogs making things up and then these sham articles getting pushed on social media.

troll 1
If the Ukrainian commander had said this, there must be a video or an article proving it? Instead what we have is Russia’s military spokesmen from the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics claiming Ukraine’s said this or done that. These being the same spokesmen who last year said they had absolute proof that the Ukrainian army was going to launch countless “massive offensives,” yet never launched one.

rubbish 2
On Twitter, the above tweet is via one of Russia’s more prominent propaganda pushers. He wrote reports of rapes and looting “are regularly reported.” Yet click on the link and the below Russian website page (I used Google Chrome to translate it) doesn’t detail any reports, or include links to one. So, it’s safe to say 2019 hasn’t heralded any fresh propaganda initiatives. It’s just more of the same old Russian fake news, with just the date having been changed.

rubbish 5

Added to which, the picture used is from at least 2015/16 and the soldier in the front has a yellow and black military insignia colour on his arm, which is definitely not Ukrainian.

rubbish 4

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