After a few days of relative calm, Russia’s forces are back using mortars.
The 6pm Ukrainian army report, states occupation forces opened up 3 times today, with 1 attack using 82mm mortars in Luhansk.

Fingers crossed it’s just a drunk Russki and not the now routine start of Russia’s forces getting back to killing after a few days of limiting their firing. Yesterday, Russia’s forces just used lighter weapons and only opened up twice. No Ukrainian casualties reported yesterday or so far today.

The OSCE report for events on Jan 8th confirmed less lead flying around on the front line. In the Donetsk region – 80 explosions compared with 150 prev day.
In Luhansk there were no explosions.

Today’s OSCE report for Jan 9th.
Slight reduction in explosions in Donetsk region – 70 compared to 80 on Jan 8th.
Luhansk region saw increase, with 6 explosions compared to none on Jan 8th.

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