Protecting the Little Ones in a War Zone

You look at these pictures with a dual sense of hope and horror. Hope, because you want the little ones to live through this nightmare and be part of Ukraine’s future. Horror, because after almost 5 years, young children are still getting taught how to stay alive.

Seen here, the kids learn what to do if their school is shelled and how they must all leave the class room together without panicking. Extremely vulnerable to shelling, the school is located on the front line, in the small Ukrainian held town on Shchastya.

Near the occupied city of Luhansk, Russian forces are literally just across the other side of the Siverskyi Donets River. This close proximity only adds to the everyday dangers for both children and adults alike, as mines and other explosive devices line the river to combat possible Russian attacks.

Reminiscent of WW2, when windows were taped up to stop explosions causing them to shatter, Ukraine’s Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has provided the school with anti-blast film. Importantly still allowing the light in, thereby keeping a sense of normality for the children, the film is stuck over the classroom windows. Visit Ukraine’s ICRC website for more info on their work.

Stay safe little ones.




map 1
Shchastya is located in the top left.

map 2
Russian positions are on the right hand side, across the looping river.

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