On Wed Russia’s forces opened up 11 times, with mortars now being used regularly.

Down on Ukraine’s Azov Sea south coast, Russia’s forces tried & failed to set up advanced positions near the front line village of Shyrokyne. Located near the Ukrainian held city of Mariupol, the large village of 2,000 inhabitants was totally abandoned in 2015 due to heavy Russian artillery fire.

On the outskirts of the Russian held city of Donetsk, a Russian Ammo truck on the front line spectacularly blew up. And Ukrainian military report Russian forces are increasing their use of UAVs, with 5 of them suppressed (shot down or forced to fly away).

Yesterday saw 10 Ukrainian soldiers reported wounded, with 5 of them suffering from trauma (from shell fire). Russian forces are said to have suffered heavy losses.
Ukrainian army report link.

The OSCE confirm a large increase in fighting yesterday. In the Donetsk region they recorded 200 explosions compared to 25 on prev day. In Luhansk region, 100 explosions compared to 40. They also spot 29 Russian tanks based at village of Bile near occupied Luhansk city. Tanks have been there since 2015. OSCE report link.

Below, Google Earth images showing the Russian tanks, some of which are seen covered over.

bile 4

bile 3

bile 2

bile 1


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