Rather a lot of Russian lead flying around on Saturday.
Making a farce of these countless agreed ceasefires, right on cue after a few weeks we’re seeing the usual increase in Russian firing. Using grenade launchers, mortars & heavy/light machine guns, they opened up 16 times. Serving no military purpose, this is merely propaganda fire. Undertaken solely to provoke Ukrainian return fire, any resulting civilian casualties or building damage, is then claimed by Russia’s propaganda as having been caused deliberately.

Ukrainian military are also reporting an increase in Russian forces use of UAV flights.
Seen below is one they recently shot down. This was kitted out with a release mechanism to enable the dropping grenades and shells from it. With deep winter snow limiting forward patrols and the drop in temperature covering the front line in a blanket of thick fog, both sides will be increasing their use of drones to observe along the front line. Ukrainian military reports


uav 1

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