OSCE Spots more Russia’s Forces Tanks

Over the last couple of days, the OSCE have seen 6 Russian tanks on the front line. On Friday they reported 3 in the village of Zachenko, which is just 3km back from the front line. On Saturday they found a further three on the front line near Kalynove village. It’s likely that winter and the subsequent reduction in tree foliage is helping with the sightings of armoured vehicles.

Goes without saying that the positioning of tanks in villages endangers the lives of those civilians living there, but as we’ve seen time and again, this humanitarian concern has little impact on Russian military thinking. In addition, tanks, armour and heavy artillery on the front line is a clear breach of the so-called Minsk agreement, which Russia signed up to.

The OSCE reporting Russian tanks on the front line is nothing new. All along the 457km front line, large numbers will be hidden in woods and buildings. OSCE daily reports.

tanks 2
OSCE report for Jan 19th.

osce tanks 2
OSCE report for Jan 18th.

Below are some of the 2018 OSCE sightings of Russian tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and self propelled artillery on the front line. Note the lack of winter tree cover makes it far easier to spot such hardware.



obozne - location of russian tanks on ukraine's frontline 2



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