Russia’s Winter Propaganda against Ukraine’s Army

Yesterday, Russia’s propaganda was reporting Ukrainian engineers in the front line village of Svetlodarsk. Located in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast (province), they claimed imaginary engineer units were busy planting mines. As ever such claims are devoid of any proof and routinely use unrelated or outdated pictures.

Now, both sides have indeed mined the front line. Eastern Ukraine is now considered one of the most mine infested areas in the world. However, this type of repetitive Kremlin propaganda is pumped out in an effort to demonize the Ukrainian army. Their primary aim is to project an image of the Ukrainian army as uncaring, one with little regard for civilian safety. Hence the writing of “near residential buildings.”

For this latest effort they have used a suitably wintry picture. Use of eye catching pictures such as this one are vital for Russia’s propaganda. The more people notice an image, the more likely they will share it on social media and take time to comment on its content.


In this case, the picture is from 2014. Some 150km away from Svetlodarsk, near the city of Mariupol, it shows nothing more lethal than Ukrainian soldiers demonstrating various forms of smoke screening devices. Mariupol News article on the event.

russia's fake news
The Report on Russian social media. Everyday Russia’s sham republics in occupied Ukraine claim this type of nonsense. This constant stream of fake news is then duly promoted on all forms of social media. Russia’s VK is like Face Book, with “Inside Donetsk” reporting on behalf of Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic.

Below are a few of the 2014 images. They show the mines are in fact smoke mines, let off to give cover to any military activity. The large green vehicle can also produce smoke. Note the media filming the event.




russia's fake news 1
My search on Google showing the images originate from Dec 2014.

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