Still rather a lot of Russian lead flying around.
All along the front line, yesterday, Russia’s occupation forces opened up 16 times. Along with grenade launchers and heavy/light machine gun fire, regrettably they’re back to using mortars on a regular basis. The result of all this firing saw another Ukrainian soldier wounded.

On the plus side, Ukraine’s 6pm military report states only 1 Russian firing attack so far today. They usually fully kick off under cover of darkness, so we may yet some more firing.

Meanwhile, Russia’s joke propaganda is still banging its fake news drum.
Much excitement today about a 17 second video. Dramatic headlines reported – Ukraine sent a column of military equipment to the front line. With the video supposedly showing “evidence that Kyiv does not want to solve the Donbas issue peacefully.” 

Three points worth noting about the video.
1: As you might expect, Ukraine rotates & moves its front line units all the time. So stuff is moving back and forth all the time. After all, Russia has invaded the country.

2: Russia has more hardware and troops in eastern Ukraine than most, if not all western countries.

3: The video ONLY shows ONE armoured vehicle on a trailer and ONE truck. So if that’s classed as a “column,” then it’s the smallest one in the whole world. But since when has reality or facts got in the way of Russia’s tired propaganda. Video link.

joke 2

joke 3
Russian propagandist from the UK Graham Phillips helping push the fake news.

joke 1

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