Russia’s Forces Threaten to Shoot Down OSCE UAV

And kicking off the week…
Jan 20th: Russia’s forces in Ukraine first jammed the signal of an OSCE UAV, and then soldiers hurry over to intimidate the unarmed OSCE operators. One of the soldiers said that any OSCE UAV seen in the area “would be shot down,” because of the “instructions from his superiors.”

The village of Sofiivka is a few kilometers east of the Russian held, front line town of Debaltseve. Further east, there are several large Russian military bases, with one notable one at Buhaivka. Added to which, the winter snow has brought the usual reduction in tree cover. So, Russian radar/tracking equipment, tanks or other hardware maybe hidden there.Certainly this aggressive action suggests something of military significance is in the area.

osce drone
Today’s OSCE report. Website link. 
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