Yesterday and so far today things have been quiet.
Mon saw Russian forces opening up just twice, and up to 6pm tonight, only once. Today one Ukrainian soldier has been reported wounded. This occurred when soldiers de-mining at the village of Marinka were fired on. The men were sweeping an area for mines, so as to allow for repairs to the gas supply.

This lack of widespread firing is nothing new. The more heavy firing we’ve seen over the last few days is often linked to Russia wanting some fresh propaganda mileage and the need to blame Ukraine for the fighting. But for whatever reason, it’s good to know soldiers and civilians are a little safer on the front line.

Pictures here show the busy Ukrainian checkpoint outside the Russian occupied town of Horlivka. The large heated blue tents provide welcome warmth and hot drinks for those needing to recuperate after crossing the front line. With long cues and sometimes hours spent waiting to cross, coupled with below zero temperatures, they provide a much need service, especially for the elderly. The tents were provided by Ukraine’s delegation for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Their website.

checkpoint 4

checkpoint 1

checkpoint 2

checkpoint 5



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