Sand Bags & Sums: Ukraine’s Front Line Schools

What does your child’s school look like in your country?
This is a school in the Ukrainian held village of Marinka. Every window is sandbagged and its basement serves as a bomb shelter. Located right on the front line, it lies opposite the Russian occupied city of Donetsk.

Every day for almost 5 years, these young children will hear and experience the effects of shell and gun fire. And even sadder than that, because of the worlds lack of willpower, they will probably keep experiencing it for many years to come. But in the meantime, we wish the kids and the school all the best.

Along the whole front line, hundreds of schools large and small have been damaged. Many more have been forced to close, due to the on-going fighting, severe damage from shelling, or because the fighting has forced families to leave an area. Pics via Ukraine’s – Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross.



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