Seeds Saving Lives on the Front Line

Illustrating just how long the worlds shamefully ignored the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s occupation of it, humanitarian aid agencies routinely give out seeds for people to grow vegetables.

On Ukraine’s southern coast, the pictures show the front line village of Vodyane. Everything east of it is held by Russian forces. Remote and dangerous to get to, most shops in such front line villages have long since stopped trading or been destroyed. This makes the supplying of seeds a very practical form of aid. In terms of food they give a degree of self sufficiency, with the added bonus of people able to sell any extra produce, thereby bringing in a little extra income. With the elderly making up a large percentage of those left living on front line villages, ready access to food can be the difference between eating and not eating.

So on that note, we hope for a bountiful 2019 harvest for all concerned.
Pics via Ukraine’s Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross.
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