Ukrainian Soldiers Raise the EU Flag

Yesterday, Russian forces opened up 4 times with grenade launchers & heavy/light machine guns. 1 Ukrainian soldier reported wounded. The front line villages/positions around the city Mariupol received most of the unwanted Russian lead.

In December last year, Ukraine soldiers raised the European Union (EU) flag over the shattered front line remains of the village of Shyrokyne. Previously occupied by 2,000 people, Shyrokyne was evacuated in 2015 due to mass shelling by Russian forces. Their unsuccessful military objective was to capture Mariupol and then push on to create a land border to Crimea. The irony of Ukrainian soldiers defiantly raising the EU flag when we here in the UK are muddling our way towards leaving the EU is not lost on me and many others. I for one voted to remain.


eu flag 1

eu flag 2

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