2019: Russia’s First Fake News about a Ukrainian Offensive

As many of you will know, I’m regularly posting on Russia’s routine reports of impending Ukrainian offensives. 2018 saw a steady stream of them, with one reported virtually every month. Naturally, none ever took place and no credible evidence was ever presented to back up these far-fetched claims.

So, it’s no surprise that in Jan 2019, we have the first joke offensive claim. As seen before, someone somewhere initially makes a false report, and then Russia’s paid propagandists like Graham Phillips and other Russian state and social media then busy themselves pushing the latest lie. In this case it’s the Kremlin’s stooges in the OSCE who kicked off the fakery this year.

Time and again routine Ukrainian military movements & training exercises are transformed and hyped up as proof of offensive preparations. This transformation is often accompanied by fake Ukrainian battle maps and long lists of military formations poised ready to attack. Check out my post on Russia’s fake 2018 offensive reports.

To catch the eye and encourage the spreading of their disinformation, this type of fake news is always accompanied by old or unrelated pictures. This time they’ve chosen a suitably 2016 winter picture of Ukrainian tanks.

propaganda 1
Graham Phillips shared the fake report on his Russian VK account. Inside Donetsk spreads the official news from Russia’s sham republic in the occupied region of Donetsk.

Actual Jan 2016 report using the picture. Details nothing more sinister than a winter training exercise.

2016 2
My Google image search, revealing the dates the image was previously used.



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