Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen Russia’s forces reducing their provocation firing. This is welcome news, but as ever, there is still a whole lot of Russian bullets, notably small and heavy machine gun fire whizzing about. Confirming Ukrainian military reports, the OSCE reported Russian firing on Gas repair workers at the village of Marinka – 1 worker and 1 soldier were hit. Also confirmed the hitting of the school kindergarten and civilian houses in the village of Chermalyk.
OSCE website for their daily reports.

Today, Ukrainian military reported – total of Russia’s firing attacks yesterday amounted to 9. This included the firing of mortars at positions around the Ukrainian held village of Krymske village, on banks of River Siverskyi Donets. No Ukraine casualties were reported.

But this morning, Russia’s forces are reported as having killed 1 Ukrainian soldier & wounding a further 4. This occurred near the village of Katerynivka in the Luhansk Oblast (province). They are said to have fired on a car.

map 1
Location of Katerynivka where 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed & 4 wounded.

Location of Marinka opposite the Russian occupied city of Donetsk. Wounded soldier was hit whilst checking area for mines, for the civilian gas repair team. Soldier was reported by Ukrainian military, with injured civilian worker by the OSCE.

school hit 2
Location of Chermalyk and Jan 22nd OSCE report confirming Kindergarten hit.

school hit 1
OSCE report on hitting of Chermalyk kindergarten.

osce new
OSCE report confirming wounding of a gas repair worker at Marinka and additional damage to buildings in Chermalyk.

Below are Jan 22nd Ukrainian military reports of gun fire damage to buildings in Chermalyk.





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