60 Russian Army Multiple Launch Rocket Systems in Ukraine

On the outskirts of the occupied Ukrainian town of Krasnyi Luch, Russia’s forces have stationed a huge artillery force of approx. 60 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). Close to the Russian border, the town is used as a transit hub for Russian forces entering/exiting Ukraine. Based in 5 main locations and a few smaller ones inside the town, the area is home to the 60 MLRS and around 240 pieces of Russian hardware such as tanks, armoured vehicles and other forms of heavy artillery.

Worth noting, these 60 MLRS are just part of Russia’s military forces in Ukraine’s Luhansk region. In Donetsk, there are lots more of them.

map 3
Map showing Krasnyi Luch. There is another large Russian base at the nearby town of Torez, in Ukraine’s occupied Donetsk region. The yellow line marks the Russian border.

On Jan 22nd the OSCE reported seeing 26 MLRS near Krasnyi Luch. It’s unclear if the 26 are in a new location, which might suggest they’re possibly newly arrived from Russia, or whether the OSCE are simply reporting MLRS in the known locations seen below.

map 2
Google Earth showing the 5 known locations.
To find the places on Google Earth and Google Maps, I’ve added the Longitude/Latitude under the below close-up satellite images. The MLRS are separated from the other Russian hardware by yellow squares. Also added some OSCE UAV images.

grad 1
Longitude/Latitude: 48 2 57.28 N 38 57 38.93 E
OSCE Feb 2018 image of above location. This is a large Russian base.

grad 2
Longitude/Latitude: 48 5 25.28 N 38 57 49.05 E
OSCE May 2017 image of above location.

grad 3
Longitude/Latitude: 48 7 24.57 N 38 59 26.50 E

grad 4
Longitude/Latitude: 48 10 38.47 N 38 55 21.36 E
OSCE July 2018 image of above location.

grad 5
Longitude/Latitude: 48 4 31.09 N 38 59 21.54 E (see video below).

My video showing the above MLRS hidden in a wood. It includes video footage of them.


grad rockets 3
Three of the MLRS practice firing near Krasnyi Luch.

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