Russia’s Forces Kill Ukrainian Military Chaplain

Things are heating up.
Jan 25th: Near the village of Katerynivka in the Luhansk Oblast (province), Russia’s forces killed 1 Ukrainian soldier and wounded 4 others. Hitting a military vehicle with a RPG anti-tank rocket, 53 year old Vitaliy Gubenko (header pic) was killed and the other soldiers injured. Reported as an acting military Chaplain, Vitaliy’s radio call sign was “Father.” Before joining the military he studied theology . Having joined, he quickly became a chaplain and the morale compass for his comrades. Unsurprising that he’s reported as caring a good deal for civilians living through the horror of Russia’s war. He’ll be missed by many. More on Vitaliy.

Video on the fighting on Jan 25th.

Reported today: Occupation forces firing attacks are once again creeping back up. Yesterday they launched 10. Typically, the opened up with mortars, grenade launcher and heavy/light machine guns. No Ukrainian soldiers or civilians casualties reported.

As for today: I’ve just checked the 6pm military update: Quiet so far, with only 1 firing attack reported.

After 10 months serving on the front line, the Ukrainian 72nd separate mechanized brigade has finally got some time out. Cue lots of happy people.

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