Front Line News & Pictures of Donetsk City Airport

Russia’s cannon fodder has woken up.
On Sunday they only launched 1 firing attack, but thus far today they’ve opened up 4 times. No Ukrainian casualties reported.

Ukrainian military have voiced their concern about a possible large scale attack by Russian forces. Although I would say currently the heavy snow would hinder a widespread attack, the possibility of opportunist smaller land grabs actions to improve their occupation defence capabilities is always a possibility.

From Nov 2014, the below two pictures are of the former control tower at Donetsk city airport. Defended by Ukrainian soldiers, back then Russia’s invasion forces were doing everything they could to destroy it. As you can see, every conceivable shot and shell was fired at it, with it eventually collapsing in Jan 2015.


Control tower close-up.

donetsk 2
The newly built tower in 2013.

donetsk 3
Under fire in Oct 2014.

donetsk 1
July 2017: The ruins of the Tower and airport terminals.

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