How Russian Artillery Destroyed a Village to Capture an Airport

I put this video compilation together to reveal something of the horror people were forced to endure and the wanton devastation inflicted upon the village of Pisky. Located on the edge of the Russian occupied city of Donetsk, in 2014/15 Russia’s invasion forces relentlessly shelled the village, eventually forcing out its 2,000 inhabitants. Now, just 10 people are reported as living and trying to stay alive there.

My video.

pisky map 1
During Russia’s late 2014 & early 2015 attempts to capture the Donetsk city airport (Thick white lines top middle), they mercilessly hit Pisky with everything they had. The reason for this torrent of lead being their protracted attempts to capture the village and break a supply lifeline to the airport. Supply columns would leave Pisky and race along the nearby runway to the Ukraine held airports control tower and terminal buildings.

Having captured the airport they renewed their attempts to take the village. However, their barbarous efforts ended in failure, as today the village is still firmly held by Ukraine.

AFP Video from Dec 2014. Ukrainian military Priests try to bring comfort to those left in the village. Resident states there is no gas, water, sewage etc working from July 18th 2014.

Taken from a 2017 Russian drone video, the below pics reveal shattered and long since abandoned houses. Ukrainian front line trenches are seen winding their way between them. Every single one of the hundreds of houses, apartment blocks and buildings in the village has been hit by shell fire, with most damaged beyond repair.



churchThe header pic for this post shows one of villages churches. After almost 5 years it’s still standing tall, despite receiving several direct hits. Surrounded by ruins, the above satellite image pinpoints its location (yellow box).

pisky 1
Pisky July 2014.

pisky 2
Same location April 2015.

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