How Russian Artillery Destroyed Eastern Ukraine

Put this video together to give people a feel for the frightening level of destruction inflicted on eastern Ukraine by Russia’s artillery. Details several large civilian populated areas and two International airports which have been turned into nothing more than rubble. There are a good many other areas in Ukraine which have suffered the same Armageddon level of demolition. Far too many.

Over on my Twitter account, there has been an encouraging response to the video, with now over 20,000 views from 3 tweets. Check out the below satellite images for the locations and background info on the places seen in the video.

My Next video I’m working on details Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian border crossing of Marynivka. Once captured, the Russian army quickly established two large military bases in the nearby Ukrainian border towns on Torez and Krasnyi Luch. Used as transit hubs for Russian forces entering and exiting Ukraine, the bases are still there today.

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Village of Shyrokyne on the shores of the Azov Sea. 
Wanting to create a land border to Crimea, Russian forces needed to capture the village before advancing on the nearby city of Mariupol. Due to daily heavy shelling and intense fighting in and around the village, the Ukrainian army urged the inhabitants to leave in Feb 2015. Shyrokyne now lies deserted and marks the front line on the south coast.

Village of Pisky on the left and Donetsk city airport on the right.
In order to stop reinforcements and supplies reaching Ukrainian troops defending the airport, Russia’s forces repeatedly tried to capture Pisky. In doing so, they relentlessly shelled it, forcing all but a handful of residents to leave. Despite what Russia’s propaganda might say, it has always been held by Ukraine. The outskirts of the Russian held city of Donetsk can be seen on the lower right.

Donetsk International city airport.

Town of Avdiivka. Industrial centre is marked by the lower yellow square and the settlement seen in the video being hit by Russian Grad rocket fire is above.
Located opposite the Russian held city of Donetsk, Avdiivka has suffered indiscriminate Russian shell fire since 2014. The outskirts of the town, notably the taller blocks of flats and hundreds of houses around the industrial centre have all been hit, with most now abandoned and lying in ruins. All the area on the right is controlled by Russia’s forces.

luhanskairportmapLuhansk International city airport. It’s situated 20km south of the city. There’s literally nothing left of it now.


51178916_813523882357951_5740123563747180544_oLuhansk airport.

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