Not a WW2 Image, But a Beach in Ukraine

Europe’s Ghost Beaches.
Today we can alter images to make them look much older. This one which I played around with is not from France’s Normandy beaches in 1944, but one from Ukraine today.



With Russia’s forces inside Ukraine just 10km east from the Ukrainian held city of Mariupol, Ukraine’s built beach defences along its Azov Sea coast line. This effort is due to the genuine fear Russia may launch a coastal attack, thereby outflanking the well established Ukrainian front line positions around the abandoned village of Shyrokyne.


Coastal defences including mines, are located along on this stretch of coast line, with much of it at Shyrokyne & Berdyanske.


What makes seeing such imagery of tanks traps and barbed wire all the sadder, is this coastal area was once a popular tourist destination. Also known before the war for its good fishing, it previously gave gainful employment to many a local. Now, only the detritus washed up by the sea and the odd stray dog visit the beach. Dogs which unfortunately more often than not step on a mine.

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