Steady as she goes best describes events on the front line.
Russia’s forces are keeping up a steady rate of provocation fire.
Yesterday, they opened up 6 times, with one firing attack using heavy weapons. This resulted in the wounding of 1 Ukrainian soldier.

To give you a feel for the number of shells flying back and forth across the front line, below is today’s OSCE report for those explosions observed yesterday.

OSCE new one

Today up to 6pm – Ukraine reports 2 Russian firing attacks, with no casualties.
Pics below show recent mortar damage to houses in village of Kriakivka in the Luhansk region. Note the above OSCE references 40 mortar shells landing near Kriakivka.



Meanwhile on Russian social media, paid Russia propagandist Graham Phillips posted news of losses for Russia’s cannon fodder in Ukraine. He claims 22 soldiers died in January. That said, it’s worth adding a big note of caution on the figures, as Phillips is a compulsive liar and some of the men will have died from military accidents, natural causes and old injuries etc.

killed 1

There is however no doubt Russia’s forces are getting killed and wounded in relatively large numbers. One of the unintended consequences of Russia having invaded Ukraine, is the Ukrainian army becoming rather good at counter-battery fire. A good example of this came on Jan 30th, when they (below) spectacularly destroyed a Russian armoured fighting vehicle, with attached anti-aircraft gun. Firing on Ukrainian positions, the crew had no doubt hoped to drive away without incident, but left it too late. Russia’s forces often uses anti-aircraft guns for firing at land targets.


Example of the destroyed Russian MTLB with ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun in Ukraine.

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