Jan OSCE Report – High Winter Fatalities & Shells a Plenty

The OSCE has published their latest 2 weekly report and winter is taking a heavy toll on those crossing the front line. OSCE in Ukraine website.

Jan 14th – 27th: 
Firing: 9,500 ceasefire violations. This is up from the 6,500 in prev 2 weeks.
This is the number of times the OSCE has observed both sides firing.
Civilians injured by conflict: 1 person wounded, with 4 injured so far in 2019.
Winter Casualties: 4 elderly people have died whilst trying to cross the front line.
This brings the tragic winter total to 12 dead from natural causes, usually due to heart attacks.

Every month, around 1 million people make the hazardous and extremely time consuming attempt to cross the front line. With a limited number of crossing points, poor roads, lack of transport/facilities at checkpoints, security checks on both sides slowing movement to a crawl, freezing temperatures and deep snow thrown in, some people’s bodies just can’t take it anymore. As you can imagine, it’s the elderly who succumb most to this inhuman aspect of Russia’s bloody war.


Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.
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