OSCE Spot 58 Russia’s Forces Tanks in Ukraine

On Jan 29th, the OSCE flew a UAV over the Russian military base, just outside the Ukrainian border town of Torez. In doing so they reported seeing 58 tanks.
Note their below report puts the location near the small village of Ternove.

Torez Base coordinates for Google Earth/Maps: 47 59 23.83 N 38 36 17.66 E
Soon, I intend to produce another updated video on this base. In the meantime, here’s my older video from my YouTube channel.

Russian forces first pitched camp in the area by early 2015. Over that time the base has grown into one of the largest in eastern Ukraine. Close to the Russian border, it’s used as a transit hub for Russian forces entering and exiting Ukraine and as a training camp for mercenaries and new recruits fighting for Russia. There has always been a large amount of hardware permanently stationed at the base. Satellite images regularly reveal a good many tanks and armoured vehicles in the military vehicle park. along with a further 30 odd tanks housed in a nearby farm. Header pic shows Russian tanks at the base.

With the below OSCE report not giving us much to go on, the 58 tanks maybe the ones usually seen there, some from inside Ukraine which have arrived to use the extensive, live firing range, or additional Russian tanks sent across the border from Russia.

tanks 3
The OSCE report.

tanks 1
July 2017 image: The bases military vehicle park, with tanks and armoured fighting vehicles occupying it.

tanks 2
July 2017 image: Farm/industrial buildings where approx 30 tanks have been stationed since early 2016.

tanks 4
August 2017 image: Base buildings and facilities under construction on the left, with the large military vehicle park on the right.

Torez Base Oct 23rd 2017 a
October 23rd 2017 image: Buildings mostly been completed. A large parade ground and probable handy helicopter landing pad have been constructed, with barracks, command centre etc. surrounding it.

tanks 5
Base buildings and vehicle park marked by red square. Yellow square marks the farm with 30 odd tanks.

tanks 6
Yellow square – location of base. Russian border 23km away marked by the yellow line. Village of Ternove is to the left of the base buildings.

Torez Base OSCE Oct 3rd 2017
OSCE Oct 3rd 2017 image of vehicle park.

Torez OSCE drone
OSCE March 10th 2018 image showing soldiers aiming their guns at the OSCE UAV.

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