This is a project I have been meaning to do for some time, and one which should be of interest to a good many people. Using a substantial amount of open source videos and satellite imagery, I’m putting together a step-by-step video account of how Russia attacked and eventually captured the Ukrainian border crossing at Marynivka.

The crossing and its defences were shelled and attacked from both inside Ukraine and Russia. One of the fortunate features of Russia’s 2014 invasion, was the large volume of videos posted on YouTube by soldiers fighting for Russia. In the case of Marynivka, there is footage showing armoured/infantry attacks and the shelling of Ukrainian positions. With the battle for the crossing lasting from June 2014 till Aug 13th 2014, this open source material will give us a unique insight into how the Russian army attacked Ukraine.

Hope to post the video on Wed.

June 7th Marynivka crossing from Russian side.

Below satellite imagery showing crossing before and after capture.
sat 1

sat 2

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