Russia’s Forces in Ukraine Shoot at the Dead

So, how’s the latest so-called ceasefire going?
Fine, apart from all the Russian firing.

Yesterday saw a new low from Russia’s forces. Firing across the River Kalmius, they sprayed a civilian van with bullets. From the village of Chermalyk, the van was carrying a body and people to a funeral at the riverside cemetery. As I’ve previously reported, Russia’s forces have been indiscriminately firing across the river for some weeks now. So far, they’ve hit the children’s kindergarten and numerous houses.

Now, there is no way anyone would have mistaken a bright green van as a military vehicle, especially as it was driving only road to the cemetery. I mean, it was hardly going to swim across the river. Luckily on this occasion they failed to kill anyone, but will no doubt try harder next time.

Meanwhile along the front line, we’re back up to double firing attack figures. Overall on Sat, Russia’s forces opened up 10 times, resulting in the wounding of 2 Ukrainian soldiers. So far today up to 6pm, they have launched 5 firing attacks, but with no casualties reported.

Header pic – Ukrainian soldier holding the line this week.

Yellow square marks the cemetery.

Below pics of some or the bullets which hot the van.




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