Army Helicopters Involved in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Here’s just a few the satellite images showing military helicopters involved in Russia’s 2014/15 invasion of Ukraine. They are busy ferrying troops and supplies to Russian army units camped along Ukraine’s eastern border.

These and others images will soon feature in a forthcoming video of mine, with it detailing all of Russia’s invasion camps along the Ukrainian border. And there’s a hell of a lot of them.

In Aug 22nd 2014, the below 8 helicopters are located on outskirts of the Russian town of Likhovskoy, just 14km from the Ukrainian border (yellow line). From July 2014, Google Earth shows a vast army of Russian hardware and troops camped all along this border area. Coordinates 48 9 39.62 N 40 8 8.10 E .

border 11

border 10

border 7

border 6

border 8

With its shadow indicating the sat image snapped it whilst flying, the below single helicopter and ground forces below it, are 12km back from the Ukrainian border crossing at Marynivka. The sate is Feb 22nd 2015, a few months after Russia’s forces had captured the crossing back on Aug 13th 2014. Like the border region further north at Likhovskoy, from June 2014, this area also became infested with Russian army camps, supply depots and artillery positions. Coordinates 47 46 37.17 N 38 58 27.75 E .

Border 1

border 4

border 5
Yellow box indicates the helicopter position and several army camps.

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