With the increased use of mortar fire by Russia’s forces, it’s no great surprise that Ukrainians once again start to die. On Monday they managed to killed 1 Ukrainian soldier & wound another. In total, Putin’s occupation troops opened up 8 times, with 4 of them using mortars. I’m thinking, maybe the worlds politicians who keep being “concerned” about Russia’s actions in Ukraine could attend the dead soldiers funeral? Ukraine military report.

For yesterday, the OSCE confirmed an increase of shelling in the Luhansk Oblast (province). This upsurge included 3 Russian mortar rounds landing just 70 – 100m from one of their patrols. In total some 320 explosions were observed compared to just 60 on prev day. The Donetsk region also saw an increase in firing, with 95 explosions compared to 65 on Feb 3rd.

As we have seen many times in the past, Russia’s forces may ease off their pointless provocation attacks in Luhansk and instead swap over and increase them in the Donetsk region. This is part of Russia’s equal opportunity program, as it helps spread the pain and suffering of civilians more evenly and gives all of Russia’s  soldiers a chance to kill people. OSCE daily reports.

Zolote shelling
Today’s OSCE report.

Russian mortars
OSCE report on Russian mortar shells landing near their patrol vehicles whilst at a Ukrainian checkpoint.

Area around the village of Zolote is the current hot spot for Russia’s firing. 

Video on Ukrainian soldiers holding the line in the town of Avdiivka’s industrial centre. I should say former industrial centre, as there’s now nothing left of it.

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