Yes it is just you.

Now, it would be wrong to say all employees of Russian state media are dim-witted, desperate people. BUT THEN AGAIN, Kit Klarenberg who writes for Sputnik actually spent time revealing this shocking revelation – that in central London, buildings are near other buildings. Over on Twitter we’ve had some fun laughing about it all, with people posting how other stuff is close to MI6, including Battersea Dogs Home.

The tweet is all about the Kremlin’s on-going puerile propaganda attempts to claim everyone who is anyone is working for western governments and not independent, bla, bla, bla. One can only hope Kit’s “more to come on this very soon” will be his fanfare announcement on having published a book on – Buildings in the UK which are Close to Each Other. It will be a sure fire best seller.



Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.